Car Trash Can Cup Combo With Tissue Box Holder -2 Assorted Color Trash Cans & 1 Tissue Box Holder

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      Car Trash Can Cup Combo With Tissue Box Holder
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      • TISSUE BOX HOLDER completes the package allowing you to secure a tissues to either the cars sun visor or the seats headrest keeping them in reach yet motionless. Size is flat folding to 8.5" X 2.5" for easy storage in the vehicles compartments when not in use. Elastic straps allow for adjustments to fit all size tissue boxes and autos.
      • CONVENIENT vehicle accessories made of maximum quality plastics that are portable and travel with you keeping your vehicle neat, clean and organized. Keep trash bags and tissue boxes in place and out of the way.
      • SAFE DRIVING FEATURE: Discards trash safely with the close distance reach and one hand push operation and grab a tissue with the same close distance reach and on hand pull operation. No leaning....keeps eyes on the road and a hand on the steering wheel at all times.

      Take a drive and safely dispose of your trash keeping your car neat and tidy. Pull out that stroller or chair and pop your trash can in it's drink holder for throwing away those tissues and wipes. Grab that tissue with one hand and the tissue box is parked so it won't be thrown on the floor as you pull the tissue out. No more stepped-on mutilated tissue boxes. It's a great way to keep your vehicles organized and to save you additional vehicle clean up. No trash, tissues etc tucked into car areas or on the floor to pick up. Safe...Easy...Convenient! Includes 2 Car Trash Can Cups and 1 Tissue Box Holder. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!