Instant Water Balloons - 370 Quick Fill-FULL SIZE - SELF SEAL Balloons - 10 Instant Bunch of Balloons with 60 Second Water Balloon Filler plus Games List - Free Shipping

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Instant Water Balloons

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  • INSTANT - GRAPEFRUIT SIZE - WATER BALLOONS IN LESS THAN 60 SECONDS - You Get Everything You Need! Fill up to 10 Bunches-370 Quick Fill Balloons. Easy Instructions. 1. Screw US Standard 3/4" Balloon Filler Directly to Your Garden Hose. 2. Place A Balloon Pool/Container Under Bunch Of Balloons (container should be at least 30" in diameter and at the final destination). 3. Turn On Faucet the Water Balloon Launcher will begin its Quick Fill. 4. Instant Water Balloons Will Fall Off Sealed When Filled.
  • YES, THEY SELF SEAL! - No More Bursting Balloon while trying to take them off the faucet or trying to tie them. No More Sore Fingers after tying hundreds of balloons. No more trying to find or buy ways to seal them. Amazingly these Water Balloons will Seal Themselves as Soon As They Are Full and Fall Into the Balloon Container.
  • STANDARD 4 TO 5 INCH MULTI-COLORED WATER BALLOONS - The Size is the Exact Size Recommended for Water Balloon Games and Wars. They Are Large Enough To Do Some Good Soaking and Just the Right Size for Holding in One Hand and Tossing.
  • FREE USPS SHIPPING - Shipping From Florida USA. Orders Completed by 2:00PM EST Ship That Day (based on USPS operating schedule) - Recommended for ages 8 year & up  -  Balloons and O-Rings 100% Biodegradable & Made from Recyclable Material.

Each package includes 370 instant water balloons and 10 water balloon launchers for quick fill. Simply attach the water balloon launcher cap to a garden hose, place them over the balloon pool/container and turn it on and watch the bunch of balloons expand to perfectly water filled 4 to 5 inch (grapefruit size) water bombs. The balloon launcher and balloons will expand to up to 24" round so you want to make sure you have the balloon container as not to lose some to ground breakage. Holding them up 4 - 5 inches above the base of the balloon container will allow for them to completely fill and fall off & seal at the same time. Easy Peasy Fun for the Whole Family, Parties and Hot Summer Days! Water Balloon Wars are All-Out-Crazy Fun but we've included a water balloon games list to shake up your wet summer fun....

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